Support for local arts councils

We’re the regional arts council for the Kootenays. We help local arts councils carry out their activities more effectively through support like training, consultation and communication about resources available throughout the region and province.

Showcasing Region Artists

We proudly promote artists in the region through the production and distribution of publications such as:

Columbia Basin Culture Tour

We manage the annual Columbia Basin Culture Tour, featuring the work of skilled and diverse regional artists and fascinating cultural and heritage sites. Since 2009, visitors from far and wide have enjoyed this event, self-directed and free of charge.

Funding for Artists

Grants from the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance (CKCA)—funded by Columbia Basin Trust and overseen by the West Kootenay Regional Arts Council—are available for all art disciplines, for both individuals and arts and culture organizations.


Kallee Lins

Executive Director
[email protected]
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Lily Andersen

Grants Officer and Operations Manager
[email protected]artscouncil.com
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Susan Bernhardt

Bookkeeper and Financial Manager
[email protected]

Galadriel Watson

Communications Coordinator
[email protected]
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West Kootenay Regional Arts Council
Board Members

  • Vicky Jones
  • Margaret Pacaud – Treasurer
  • Carol Palladino – President
  • Margaret Shirley
  • Peter Vogelaar – Vice President
  • Laura White

Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance
Steering Committee Members

Basin North

  • Janey Weeks

East Kootenay

  • Denise Baughan – Vice Chair
  • Thelma Brown
  • Andra Louie

West Kootenay

  • Holly Bhattacharya
  • Stephanie Fischer – Chair
  • Kevin John
  • Stephanie Judy
  • Ingrid Love
  • Carla Stephenson