Vicky Jones, Board member

The West Kootenay Regional Arts Council (WKRAC) exists to help arts, culture and heritage in the Kootenays thrive. To do so, we rely on a dedicated team of board members, plus steering committee members who oversee the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance (CKCA) arts and culture grants.

Who are these people? In this series, we’re introducing you to the folks behind the scenes.

Vicky Jones, Board Member

Living in Rossland, Vicky Jones works in marketing and rentals at the Trail & District Arts Council and the Bailey Theatre in Trail. She is a member of the WKRAC board.

WKRAC: How did you come to call the Kootenays home?

VJ: I had been visiting the Kootenays pretty much every year since I moved to Canada from England in 2001 and always loved the area. We said we’d move if we ever got the chance. Then, in 2016, when my husband got made redundant, we found a house we could afford to buy in Rossland and made the move a year later.

Are you involved in arts, culture and heritage outside of your work with WKRAC/CKCA? If so, what is your discipline or practice?

I’m trying to be a fiction writer.

Why did you wish to join this board/committee?

I joined it to represent my area of the Kootenays and help support arts organizations and practitioners in the area.

What do you think people in the region should be proud of in terms of arts, culture and heritage?

The range. We have a great representation in all disciplines and affordably priced arts and culture events throughout the region, with greater representation and support for Indigenous and LGBTQ2SIA+ artists and others from diverse backgrounds. 

What advice do you have for people in the region pursuing a career in arts, culture and heritage?

Find your community. The West Kootenay Regional Arts Council can help to provide support, direction and advice, but your local arts councils and other arts organizations and individuals will also be excited to help you grow and get access to resources. Creating art and working in the arts thrives because people who work in this area support each other.

What vision do you see for the future of arts, culture and heritage in the Kootenays?

I see the same great breadth of experiences and works, but with more ability for artists and organizations to thrive creatively and financially.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I’m excited about the future of arts and culture in the community, as after COVID more people moved from all over the country to the area since they were able to work from home. This gives us a broader and more diverse audience, who we can reach with our current works, to become volunteers and to help foster their own creativity.