New podcast to celebrate a Vibrant Basin

New podcast to celebrate a Vibrant Basin

The wonderful cover art is designed by Keiko Lee-Hem of Keiko Creative and features artwork by Abby Wilson.

The Columbia Basin is a place where vast nature, unbound creativity and rich cultural history intersect. Join us for the Vibrant Basin podcast—where we’ll dive deep into the stories of artists and cultural workers across the diverse communities of the Basin.

In this pilot season, host, performer and storyteller Shayna Jones will be asking guests how their artistic practices have shifted their understanding of themselves, their heritage and their neighbours.

Listen to the Vibrant Basin season one trailer:

Thank you to the Government of Canada and United Way British Columbia for their support of this project.

Enjoy a few images from the recording session between Shayna Jones and Nelson-based videographer Carlo Alcos. (Click on each image to see it larger.)