New batch of arts and culture projects to fascinate and inspire

New batch of arts and culture projects to fascinate and inspire

New batch of arts and culture projects to fascinate and inspire

It’s what enlivens building exteriors, theatre stages and living room walls. It’s what we read, listen to and ponder. Arts and culture adds vibrancy to people’s lives, entire communities and the region as a whole.

Now, 147 new arts and culture projects are receiving more than $562,000 in funding from the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance (CKCA) in 2022/23. The CKCA is a project of the West Kootenay Regional Arts Council and distributes funding on behalf of Columbia Basin Trust. See all the projects here.

Image credit: ArtStarts

One of the recipients is ArtStarts in Schools. It is piloting a new residency program that will see each participating school host an Artist in Residence. ArtStarts acts as the intermediary for logistics and funding, allowing the schools and artists to focus on curriculum and collaboration.

“We have taken feedback from our community and the changes brought by the pandemic as an opportunity to reimagine our programs and how they can better support young people, artists and schools in the Columbia Basin” said Lily Cryan, Program Manager, Grants. “By reducing the work for schools and artists to start their projects together, the residency creates a streamlined process to bring artists into schools for in-depth, hands-on learning experiences with students. It also helps provide more stable employment for artists.”

Image credit: Masa Suzuki

Another recipient is Nelson-based dancer, choreographer and actor Hiromoto Ida. He will create, produce and perform an original contemporary dance theatre work, alongside local artists. The piece will be based on contemporary Japanese theatre artist Shogo Ota’s play SARACHI (Empty Lot).

“I find that sometimes contemporary dance is too abstract, but when I use a story line as the foundation, I believe the piece is more accessible to wider audiences,” said Ida. “I would like to give the audience an exciting new theatre experience they have never seen before. As well, I want to keep proving that good-quality performing arts can be created and seen in rural small towns.”

CKCA funding is available to both individuals and arts and culture organizations. All arts disciplines are eligible (including visual art, theatre, music, dance, media, literary and inter-arts), as are cultural projects like traditional cultural practices and preserving languages. Separate granting streams target different focuses, such as individual and group projects, master classes, touring and major exhibition projects. Overall, the goal is to help build long-term sustainability for artists and to strengthen and support arts and culture organizations.

Each granting stream has one deadline per year. Next year’s information will be available in early January 2023.

Learn more here.

Stephanie Fischer, Chair, CKCA
“For many years I have been impressed by the scope of projects for which applicants seek funding, and those which were funded by the CKCA. We are very fortunate that we have a thriving arts sector with so many professional artists in our rural areas who create work for all to enjoy. The support for Basin non-profit organizations is also important, because they exist to exhibit art works, safeguard archives, put performers on stage, and employ artists to engage people of all ages and abilities in exploring their creativity. The CKCA Steering Committee members are excited to see the projects from diverse artists and organizations who successfully bring their efforts to fruition. We are also very pleased to continue our relationship with Columbia Basin Trust which, by fostering the arts, significantly contributes to livable communities across the region.”

Justine Cohen, Manager, Delivery of Benefits, Columbia Basin Trust
“Thank you once again to all the artists and organizations that are working to fulfill individual goals while helping create dynamic communities and celebrate life in the Columbia Basin. Projects like these boost the joy, meaning and attraction of living and visiting here, positively affecting personal, community and economic well-being.”