Funding helps new arts and culture projects take root

Funding helps new arts and culture projects take root

From Métis jewellery to weaved portraits, and tango dance to burlesque, artists and organizations around the Columbia Basin are undertaking exciting projects that add colour, energy and vitality to this region.

Now, 110 new arts and culture projects are receiving more than $506,000 in funding from the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance (CKCA) in 2023/24. The CKCA is a project of the West Kootenay Regional Arts Council and distributes funding on behalf of Columbia Basin Trust. See all the projects here.

Image credit: Claire Dibble

One of the recipients is Claire Dibble, a Golden-based photographer, writer and artist whose work spans various mediums. She is expanding her knowledge of making murals by obtaining mentorship from local mural artists and painting two small murals in her community.

“I really love the way art in public locations can provide an unexpected delight to viewers who aren’t specifically seeking an art experience,” she says. “I am often daydreaming about painting on walls around Golden, and am pleased to move to actual painting. While the current murals are small, I hope that the long-term result will be some quality murals in even more visible locations in the future.”

Another recipient is the Revelstoke Arts Council, which is forming a unique partnership with the Revelstoke Railway Museum. Together, they will be presenting REVY.Tracks, a series of concerts that will take place in the museum in 2024, featuring a diverse range of musical and cultural styles. Some of the artists will also hold workshops for the public.

Image credit: Revelstoke Arts Council

“These events will be more than just a musical experience; by showcasing different cultures, they will focus on music’s role in removing cultural barriers,” says Daniel Bhattacharya, Artistic and Executive Director of Revelstoke Arts Council. “The museum is committed to the process of inclusion and decolonization, and this series will help it and the whole of Revelstoke undertake this journey—all while opening up a new venue for these artists’ works and reimagining the concept of performance spaces.”

CKCA funding is available to both individuals and arts and culture organizations. All arts disciplines are eligible (including visual art, theatre, music, dance, media, literary and inter-arts), as are cultural projects like traditional cultural practices and preserving languages. Separate granting streams target different focuses, such as individual and group projects, master classes, touring and major exhibition projects. Overall, the goal is to help artists and arts and culture organizations be resilient and thriving.

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Stephanie Fischer, Chair, CKCA

“I would like to express my profound admiration for the multitude of wide-ranging projects that applicants seek funding for. The support provided by CKCA is truly invaluable, especially for emerging artists who aspire to realize significant endeavours. The numerous professional artists in our rural areas enrich the entire community with their creative contributions, and non-profit arts organizations hold an essential place in exhibiting art, staging performances and fostering creativity among people of all ages and abilities. This ongoing partnership with Columbia Basin Trust is deeply cherished, as it fosters the arts and plays a pivotal role in cultivating vibrant and livable communities across the Basin.”

Justine Cohen, Manager, Delivery of Benefits, Columbia Basin Trust

“These projects will continue to improve access to diverse arts and culture opportunities throughout the Columbia Basin. Congratulations to all 110 successful applicants; we look forward to seeing you enliven our communities through the arts.”