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Know Your Worth: Pricing Your Artistic Work


From ticket prices at the box office to festival presentation fees, it can be hard to know how the value of your work stacks up against similar offerings in the cultural marketplace.

Paper trails: An introduction to contracts and invoicing


While it can be intimidating to ask your artistic collaborators to sign onto a contract, it's a critical tool to ensure that deliverables, timelines and payment terms are clearly outlined and agreed to at the start of your next project.

Building your digital toolbox for LGBTQ2S+ artists


Join Heidi Nagtegaal and Jenny Lee Craig for a conversation about the top online tools that can help your artistic business flourish. This workshop will cover setting up successful social media channels, strategies for audience engagement and managing your digital to-do list.

Alternative revenue streams for LGBTQ2S+ artists


We tend to tie-up creative success with financial success, but even the most accomplished artists generate income from multiple sources. Hear from LGBTQ2S+ artists who are using tools like Patreon to reach audiences and customers in new ways, and creative makers who manage portfolio careers composed of teaching, activism, content creation and more!